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Now here’s a tip

• “To freshen the color of carpets (and destroy moth larvae or flea eggs), liberally sprinkle salt on them before vacuuming. I use a cleaned-out Parmesan cheese container for this. It works very well.” — J.K. in Pennsylvania

• “To clean the glass inside your oven door, use stove-top cleaner made for your glass stovetop.” — V.P. in Florida

• “Use cold, salted water to defrost a chicken for roasting. You will have very flavorful and moist meat.” — E.D. in Kansas

• “Before removing a splinter, apply ice to the area. This is especially important with children, as it’s not so much the pain of removing the splinter but the poking that seems to last forever.” — M.M. in Minnesota

• “Disposable razors can be used to remove burrs from sweaters or wool slacks. Just be sure to keep them out of the reach of children.” — O.D. in Tennessee

• Save plastic-lidded containers from the kitchen. Cover with colorful duct tape, and they can be used as storage or even as gift wrapping.

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