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Now here’s a tip

• As we move into autumn and temperatures start to drop, we know those chilly mornings are on the way. Remember going out to the car and cranking the motor, letting it run in the driveway for 10 or more minutes to “warm up” the engine? It’s not necessary in today’s cars. The extra idle time doesn’t do anything for your car. But do take it easy driving for the first 10 minutes. That does help. — JoAnn

• “Extend the life of your tires by observing speed limits and avoiding potholes. You’d be surprised how good driving can make your car last longer.” — E.T. in Illinois

• If you have a baby seat in the car, you know that all manner of things drop through the cracks. Do yourself and your car’s upholstery a favor by laying a towel under the car seat before you strap it in.

• “My parking area is under a large tree that continually drops acorns onto my car. I got a new car recently and decided that I would keep its paint job safe. Car covers are expensive, and my mom suggested that we sew together a few lined vinyl tablecloths, which we picked up at the dollar store. I added grommets along the sides, and use small weights on strings attached to the grommets to keep it on the car even on windy days. It works really well!” — B.J. in Florida

• Check your own gas mileage: When you fill up, turn your trip meter (the trip odometer) to 0. Then, at your next fill-up, divide the number of miles you have driven on the trip meter by the gallons of gasoline you used to fill the tank. That’s your effective miles per gallon.

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