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Now here’s a tip

• B. G. in Minnesota writes: “ If you want to freshen up drawers used to store sheets and pillowcases, or your luggage, just place a dryer sheet inside. They really do leave a nice scent, and they also are great for dusting jobs!”

• To control the level of garlic in a recipe, add it at the beginning for a lighter taste and at the end for a stronger taste. To get garlic out of the clove quickly, instead of tedious peeling, just smash it and squeeze it out.

• “ The best cure for a foggy windshield is a chalkboard eraser. You can purchase them at officesupply stores. They can be stored easily in your glove box. No window cleaner required for a quick clear windshield, and you can see well afterward. A clean windshield is a safety issue!” — M.T. in South Carolina

• Fill measuring cups with hot water and empty quickly before measuring sticky substances like honey or peanut butter. It will slide out much easier.

• Banana trick: For faster ripening, leave bunches together and store in a bag. For slower ripening, separate the bananas. They will ripen faster if stored near apples or citrus fruit. Also, remember that just because the outside is getting brown spots, the inside isn’t necessarily going soft.

• Warm up refrigerated baked goods in the microwave, but place a mug of water in there too. It will keep the moisture in the bread. If your bread loaf is going stale, wrap it in foil and pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes at 300 F. It will freshen the bread!

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