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Now here’s a tip

• It might be hard to get motivated to exercise with winter’s shorter days and lower temperatures. Exercise is important to your health, so get it any way you can. Did you know that a half-hour snowball fight can burn 100 calories? Get out there and enjoy the winter weather! — JoAnn

• If you face frequent snow in your area, invest in a pair of running shoes that are designed for trail running. They have deeper cleats for better traction. Some are even waterproof. This will encourage you to run when it’s been snowing!

• “If you are outdoors on freezing days, you know to dress in layers. When you exercise outside, you do that too, but be prepared to strip off a layer if you get overheated. I have a carabiner clip on my waistband, and I can clip my outer light jacket to it, or even my fleece through a buttonhole.” — P.S. in Virginia

• “Here’s a tip about sledding in a pinch: A laundry basket can make a fine sled for a small, sturdy kid — especially if you are blessed with surprise snow! If you attach a rope or belt to one side of the basket, it’s easy to pull the kids along.” — M.B. in Missouri

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