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Now here’s a tip

• “Use the liner of cold cereal boxes as wax paper. It’s much stronger than regular wax paper, and it doesn’t fall apart when it gets wet.” – S.S. in Minnesota

• What’s In Season? Get more bang for your produce buck in the coming month by looking for good deals on: Brussels sprouts, grapefruit and other citrus, pears, kale, sweet potatoes, winter squash, bok choy, apples and radicchio. Branch out with persimmons, leeks, red currants, cherimoya, pummelo and dates.

• Suffering from skin irritation or painful chapped hands? “Put a moderate coat of pure petroleum jelly over affected areas right before you go to bed each night, and sleep with your hands covered with loose-fitting, clean cotton socks or mittens only, no gloves or other materials.” – D.M. in Ohio

• “I always keep a ‘toilet tote’ in my car and also take one with me when I travel. Inside the tote bag I put disposable latex gloves, a can of Lysol, a container of pull-out disinfecting hand wipes and a roll each of toilet paper and paper towels. This tote has helped me deal with all kinds of bathroom situations in gas stations, restaurants and hotel/motels.” – D.R. in New Jersey

• “I try to watch my calories closely to stay in shape. It’s much easier to control at home, but I do like to dine out every once in a while. Here’s one tactic that saves me lots of extra calories: When eating out at a restaurant, I always let the server know ahead of time exactly how much bread, if any, I would like. It saves me from eating a basketful when I might want only a single piece, or none at all.” – J.L. in Florida

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