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Now here’s a tip

• Got fresh herbs? Try this drying tip/car freshener in one: Lay herbs flat on newspaper in your car. Keep windows closed, and after a nice sunny day, you’ll have a delicious-smelling car and dried herbs to store for later dishes. — JoAnn

• “Raised beds are a nice addition to our garden area, but it seems the gophers liked them too. To keep the beds from being attacked from below, we lined them with chicken wire this time, and everything is going really well so far.” — J.J. in Illinois

• When starting plants from seeds, you can use an old cupcake pan. Use paper liners or coffee filters to line the cups. Add soil and seeds. Water as necessary. When the seedlings are ready for replanting, simply lift out, break the bottom seal of the paper or filter, and plant asis in the ground. It’s easy to transport them in the pan — and no leaks.

• Two things your garden should have: a rain barrel and a compost pile. Both are relatively easy to set up, and pay big dividends. You can go online or get a book at your local library on how to set up a compost pile. Some cities will give away rain barrels or hold workshops. Find out today!

• “To keep track of what’s planted in your garden, you use garden markers. Make your own by writing the type of flower, plant or herb on a brick or large flat stone. Use permanent marker and cover with clear acrylic if you want it to last longer. You can even use both sides for different seasonal items.” — Z.M. in Georgia

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