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Now here’s a tip

• Yard sale, tag sale, garage sale … whatever you call it, if you do it right, you can walk away with a decluttered home and a nifty bit of cash, too. Here’s my tip: Advertise, advertise, advertise — on local message boards and websites, as well as using signs. The more people you drive to your sale, the more you are likely to sell. — JoAnn

• “When you put jewelry out at a garage sale, display it for better results. Use a window screen for paired earrings, or maybe a tie rack for necklaces. I sell a lot of costume stuff in my sales. Kids especially like it.” — R.G. in Mississippi

• One way to organize a tag sale is to group items in bins by price. Or have a dollar table. If you have lots of clothes, you might price it by the piece and have good price breaks for people who buy lots of pieces.

• “ Put well- marked sports equipment in a place that can be viewed by passersby. Make attractive displays of toys and tools as well. People are always looking for these.” — M.H. in Alabama

• Not sure how to price your items for resale? The rule for yard sales is as follows: For items that are new, still with tags or in original, unopened packaging, price it as 50 percent off retail. For items that are in good working condition, with all parts and accessories, mark them at 30 percent of what you paid. Other items should be marked down to 20 percent. Be honest with yourself. If something is just usable, but not really worth a buck, put it in a “free” bin. Your customers will be grateful, and you might make an additional sale.

• Be sure to have plastic bags on hand. Boxes and newspaper are handy if you are selling any dishes or glassware, too.

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