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Now here’s a tip

• Need a quick fix for tarnished brass? Look in your fridge. Ketchup, applied liberally then buffed off, will remove tarnish in a pinch.

• Cut a paper grocery bag open and then cut it to fit the top of your refrigerator. It will catch dust and kitchen grease, and keep the top clean. It’s free and replaceable as often as needed.

• “Small cardboard boxes can be covered in gift wrap for pretty storage containers. Simply wrap the outside, leaving the top or side open, then fold the gift wrap over the open edge and secure on the inside. I love this idea, because it’s easy to coordinate with a lovely gift wrap, and it’s inexpensive too. If you have leftover wallpaper, this works as well!” — T.F. in Virginia

• “My mother handed down some nice teacups and small dishes from my grandmother. They don’t fit with my kitchen decor, but I am using them in my bedroom to hold spare change and jewelry. They are even more on display than they would be in the kitchen or dining room, so I get the pleasure of looking at them daily.” — M.J. in Oregon

• Stained teacup? Never fear! Dishwasher liquid is here. Add a teaspoon or so of dishwasher detergent to a stained teacup, swish vigorously with a kitchen scrubbie and fill with hot water. Let sit for a minute and rinse. Repeat as necessary, but it should clean off the first or second time. You also can do the same for stained coffeepots.

• “If you buy a loaf of French bread and can’t use it all the first day, freeze it. When you defrost it, stick it in the oven, and it’s good as new.” — C.E. in Florida

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