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Now here’s a tip

• There’s been a lot of talk at my house about kitchen gadgets that do double duty, especially since I have made whipped cream for the first time — in my coffeemaker! I have a French press that I rarely use, until now. Add heavy whipping cream and a bit of sugar to the pot, and use the screen to whip the cream by rapidly pumping it up and down. Magic! — JoAnn

• “I love to eat pancakes, but I don’t have time to make them every morning. I make a very large batch on Sundays and reheat them through the week. In order to recreate that fresh-fromthe pan crisp (which you don’t get if you microwave them), I put them in my toaster.” — P.E. in Ohio

• “I use an extra coffeepot to brew a pot of hot water. I use the water for both tea and instant oatmeal packets in the morning.” — M.S. in Nevada

• Ice-cube trays can be handy for freezing portions of foods. Try freezing individual servings of baby food. Or clean and snip fresh herbs from your garden. Fill the ice cube tray with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and tuck the herb snippings into the oil. Then freeze. Whatever you freeze can be popped out and stored in a zipper-top bag for quick access.

• “Here’s my tip: Use a muffin pan to make big ice cubes for drinks.” — A.L. in Missouri

• Hashbrowns can be made on a waffle iron. Coat liberally with canola oil or butter- flavored nonstick spray, and add shredded potatoes and finely diced onion. Allow the iron to cook the potatoes to your desired level of crispness, and flip out both sides onto a plate. They will be both crisp and soft!

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