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Now here’s a tip

• Great ways to remove stuck labels: nail polish remover (NOT for use on plastics), WD-40 oil, soaking in hot water, rubbing alcohol.

• “Do you love burgers? Here’s a great thing our family does that saves money and is very handy: When ground beef goes on sale, we buy a large quantity and premake many burger patties, seasoned and shaped just as we like them. Then we separate them with butcher’s paper cut into squares. We put them in stacks, and then into empty bread bags to store in the freezer. When we are getting ready to cook out, the patties don’t have to be all the way defrosted, just put on the grill and cooked up!” — A.J. in Florida

• “It’s easy to make custom art for your walls. If you find an image you like or have a great digital photo, simply take it to a copy shop and have it printed in a large format. Then you can frame it and hang it on your wall. Now I can enjoy all my grandbabies’ pictures.” — A.F. in Mississippi

• “When shopping for printers these days, make sure you take a peek at the cost of replacement ink cartridges. Some are more expensive than others, and your use could make a printer that looks like a great deal, a not-so-great deal. Be sure to do your homework!” — W.L. in Washington

• It’s worth a reminder now that picnic and barbecue season is in full force: The best tablecloths, especially on a windy day, are fitted single sheets. Simply fit the sheet over a standard picnic table, and it’s in place and ready. The elastic at the corners keeps it from flying away. You can look at thrift and discount stores for fun patterns or just plain colors!

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