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Now here’s a tip

• To get a better, more evenburning flame, trim candle wicks to 1/4 inch before lighting. Remember: More flicker burns quicker (and that’s not a good thing).

• Another nominee for removing antiperspirant stains: meat tenderizer. D.L. of Michigan writes, “Moisten the armpit area, and then drag it through some meat tenderizer. Work it in, let it sit for five minutes or so, then launder in the hottest possible water.”

• “Area rugs are wonderful in homes with hard flooring, as they add a nice coziness and a warm spot for feet, but you must take care to prevent them from slipping. You can glue eraser slices underneath the rug in all four corners to do this for a small rug, or use lines of silicone caulk across the entire rug.” – O.S. in Minnesota

• Who said white bread is not good for anything? Take the center of a slice of white bread, ball it up, and you can use it to erase marks on most wallpapers. No kidding, it works!

• “Leaky faucet? Put a clean container or pitcher to catch the water that you are wasting and paying for, and use for plants, tea or coffee water or for other needs.” – K.P. in New York

• “I use ‘over the door’ shoe bags in almost every room. They are neat for holding office supplies, or toiletries, toys or craft supplies, etc.” – G.J. in Georgia

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