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Now here’s a tip

• It’s barbecue time, and here’s a fun, festive idea for your next backyard shindig: For each guest, stuff a mason jar with a clean bandana (for a napkin) and a set of silverware. Write the name on the jar with a silver paint pen made to stick to glassware. Cute, functional and a keepsake! Here’s more to get your grilling season started. — JoAnn

• “ Bring a distinctive towel to a pool party so that you will know where your towel is. You can make an extra-large towel by sewing two smaller towels together, too.” — U.A. in New York

• “For a really fun take on kebabs, use fruit instead of meat. The kids especially love fruit on a stick. If you have some neat cookie cutters, use them to cut watermelon into different shapes.” — M.M. in Michigan

• To keep ants from invading your patio, draw a thick line of chalk (sidewalk chalk works great!) as a boundary. Ants don’t like to cross a chalk line and will leave your patio party alone.

• “Set out wasp attracters at the far reaches of your yard so that the wasps will be busy out there and not attacking your guests.” — T.C. in South Carolina

• Use a muffin tin on the table to serve condiments. For larger portions (like lettuce, onion slices, maybe pickle spears), set a cup down in the muffin well.

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