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Now here’s a tip

• J.D. of Massachusetts writes: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and a chamomile tea bag in a pan of medium hot water. Let cool slightly and soak feet for up to 10 minutes. Follow up with foot powder or deodorant.

• Cucumber is a speedy diuretic. Try snacking on slices for a cool treat. Or deseed slices and slip a few in your glass of cold water.

• If you keep a couple of crackers in your sugar jar, they’ll keep the sugar from caking.

• “When we go to the doctor with our youngest, we bring a few crayons. She’ll lie down on the exam table paper, and we draw her outline. Then she can fill in her face and other details. This usually calms her while she is waiting. The doctor even has used the outline to talk about her body to her.” — E.S. in Georgia

• Boost your metabolism by drinking green tea … hot or cold. Try it over ice with honey and a sprig of mint.

• “In older houses, you might have a problem with cracking drywall when trying to hang pictures. You can solve this by placing a bit of clear tape over the spot where you’re going to drive a nail. It goes right in. If you’re nailing into wood, drag your nail through some soap ( bar soap is fine) before striking. It does the same thing, keeping the wood from splitting.” — P.K. in New Jersey

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