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Now here’s a tip

• Want to make that summer at-home pedicure last? Don’t skip the base coat or a UV topcoat. The base coat will allow the color to adhere evenly and better. Then the topcoat will protect the color from the sun while giving it a little extra shine.

• Honey has amazing properties, and one of them is its antiseptic powers. You can even use it on pimples. Just a tiny dab will help keep bacteria responsible for breakouts from taking over.

• Remove all of the air from a plastic storage bag with a drinking straw. Slip the straw into the bag and close as much as possible. Then suck any air out through the straw, and quickly pull out and close in a single motion. Your leftovers will stay fresh longer, and foods may stack better in the freezer.

• Did you know you can curl your hair with straws? Wind sections of damp hair around a plastic straw and secure the ends with a bobby pin. Dry in the sun, or use a hair dryer on low heat. Remove and spritz with hair spray.

• The liners from cereal boxes work really well to store pies in the freezer. They can be stapled shut. — Y.L. in Indiana

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