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Now here’s a tip

• Potato salad will have more flavor if you whisk together all the dressing ingredients and add it to the potatoes when they are warm. The potatoes will absorb the ingredients better, and the flavor will develop even more during refrigeration.

• Dill planted near tomatoes will draw caterpillars away from the fruits. And it’s delicious.

• “I love to grill, and when it’s nice out, we grill every weekend. I always put on extra and use the leftovers through the week. Chicken in salad, a nice flank steak for fajitas, etc. And it means less cooking for me!” — Y.L. in Maryland

• Here’s a great recipe for an icy treat: Freeze orange juice or apple juice in ice trays. Throw a handful in the blender for a fruit slush that can’t be beat on a hot day.

• “A lot of smoke was coming off our grill, and our patio doors were wide open. Long story short: It swamped the living room with smoke. The smell was a little overwhelming. After we closed the door, my neighbor doused a kitchen towel with white vinegar, wrung it out and waved it around the room. It cleared out the smoke smell right away, and the vinegar smell went away just as quickly. What a miracle!” — F.F. in South Carolina

• Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove ballpointpen ink from most upholstery.

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