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Now here’s a tip

• “Wax drippings from candles can be scraped off of most hard surfaces with the side of a credit card.” — T.E. in Kansas

• To prevent garbage cans from filling with water during rainstorms, drill several holes in the bottom, near the sides. This also will help bags to come out of the can easier.

• “Use fluoride toothpaste on a facial blemish for overnight relief. Just dab a tiny bit of your regular toothpaste on a pimple, and cover with a bandage. It should relieve redness and swelling. If you have very sensitive skin, don’t try this trick, as it can make it worse.” — B.B. in Tennessee

• If you have wood floors, you might already know about felt furniture pads — the little self-stick felt circles you put on furniture legs to reduce scratches on your floors. You might not know that these same pads can reduce scuff marks that appliances make on countertops. It also makes it easier to scoot around a heavy mixer or other appliance.

• “Here’s a great tip if you need to pack up something fragile: Use a shredder to shred sheets of newspaper. It works far better than just wrapping in paper, and it costs much less than packing peanuts. Also, you can reuse these shredded newspaper pieces in the garden, or put them in your compost pile.” — R.C. in Minnesota

• “If you’re looking to save money, don’t ignore the dollar store. You can find a lot of personal-care and home-care items there for, well, a dollar. I save quite a bit of money this way.” — R.L. in Texas

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