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Now here’s a tip

• Here’s a fun game to help kids learn their sight words: BINGO! Make your own bingo cards with sight words in all the spaces. Use flash cards to call out the words, and the kids can mark them off as they hear them. We tape the bingo card to a small magnetic dry erase board, and the kids use refrigerator magnets to cover the words. We can use the boards over and over, really reinforcing the lesson. And it’s fun! — A.J. in Florida

• Glass and chrome will shine if you clean them with newspaper. You can mist the paper with water first, but not too much. Rub … and the shine comes right out, plus no streaks or lint!

• Use purified water in your coffeemaker to lengthen its life. Water deposits build up and affect both the flavor and function of your machine. They can be cleaned, but it’s much better if you use purified drinking water from a jug. It’s very easy to fill the machine, too. — M.E. in Wyoming

• If you need to pick up small shards of glass, use a cotton ball that’s been moistened, or a slice of white bread (insides only) wadded up.

• That time of the year is almost here. You know, the time when running the heater gives the whole house the zaps. To keep our carpets from giving us static shock, we fill a water spray bottle with one part laundry softener and four parts water. Give the air and carpet a spritz, and it kills the zaps. — A.O. in Canada

• When you are frying up ground beef, add a tablespoon or two of water. It will help the excess grease to pull away from the meat, making it easier to drain off.

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