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Now here’s a tip

• When there are big family jobs to be done (like getting ready for the holidays), we write all the tasks down on slips of paper and put them in a hat. We take turns choosing tasks until all the paper is divvied out. Sometimes we trade, but we all get a fair chore list. — V.O. in Oregon

• Thanksgiving Tip: “Let one person be responsible for putting prep dishes, pots and pans in the dishwasher while another prepares the bird and side dishes for the table. You will be halfway done with dishes by the time the meal is over.” — M.A. in Washington

• Leftover bread can be repurposed as croutons or breadcrumbs. In fact, this is an excellent job for kiddos. With clean hands and a butter knife, older children can cut leftover rolls into manageable size pieces. Spray with olive oil cooking spray, and bake at a low temperature (225 F) to dry out. Or crumble stale bread into crumbs and store in the freezer.

• If you love to burn candles, then the odds are good that you have a lot of candle “ends” that can no longer be used. You can purchase new wicks at the craft store and make a new candle from your leftovers. Simply scrape out the leftover wax into a clean tin can with one end removed. Set this can into a pot on your stovetop. Add a few inches of water, and boil to melt the wax. Then, holding the wick in place, you can pour the melted wax back into a candle-safe jar to let cool. Burn away!

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