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Now here’s a tip

• Is it a great price? Before you rush to stock up, read the signs in the grocery stores to make sure the item that looks like such a good deal really is. Sometimes, products are “featured” with a tag that looks like a sale price, when the real price is only pennies more or no savings at all!

• Honey has antibacterial properties? Yep! Try rubbing a bit of it over a small cut for faster, more natural healing.

• “To separate yolks from egg whites, simply crack eggs into a shallow bowl and ‘suck’ the yolk out using an empty plastic water bottle. Squeeze the bottle slightly, then position the mouth of the bottle at the yolk and let go. It will magically slide up into the bottle, leaving the whites behind!” — T.T. in New York

• Make your own gift wrap from everyday items like newspaper (think color comics) and children’s drawings, which can be glued together along the edges. For a really unique wrapping, try inexpensive fabric.

• “This time-tested tip will keep your houseplants in the green while you’re away from home: Set plants in the bathtub in an inch or less of water. If your flowerpot does not have drain holes, get a short length of cotton rope and feed it from the topsoil to the tub. This will keep plants alive and thriving for a week or more.” — D.R. in Florida

• Unmatched socks are handy-dandy cleaners and have so many uses. Keep one by the dryer to get all the lint off the trap. Shake it out or pop it into the wash when needed.

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