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Now here’s a tip

• Sometimes, despite the cold weather outside, we’re still looking for an icy treat inside. In my family’s dessert experiments, we’ve come up with some doozies, but here’s one you may not have tried: If you put popsicles in the blender, the creamy result tastes just like yummy sherbet. — JoAnn

• If your lunchbox could be fresher, here’s a tip from S.W. in Texas: Spray a piece of bread with vinegar and zip it up in your lunchbox overnight to clear out smells.

• Pinprick hole in your rubber glove? Put the glove on and paint the hole with nail polish. It’ll seal up a small hole, making the glove usable again.

• If you have trouble threading a needle because the fibers seem to go in all directions, here’s a tip from T.I. in Illinois: Stiffen the end of thread with hairspray before threading a needle.

• “Coat hangers as BBQ skewers? Yep, they’re good for that — and s’more. Simply straighten and clean well. Make a ring on the end for easy handling. You might even want to save a set of them.” — R.R. (Avoid any coated hangers, and never use a plastic hanger, only plain metal, like the kind you might get from a dry cleaners! — JoAnn)

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