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Now here’s a tip

• I purchased a roll of reflective tape to mark our basement stairs. It reflects the light from the open doorway at the top of the stairs, and I can turn the downstairs lights off before heading up. I had some left over, so I put a strip on my dog’s collar. When I let him out at night, I can shine a flashlight and spot him instantly, since the tape is more visible in the night.” — V.R. in Pennsylvania

• Tongs lost their clip? Use the rubber band from a bunch of broccoli to hold the ends together in storage.

• “ I am an avid craft sewer. A trick I use that was passed down from my mother is to save the bar soap when it gets to a sliver. Then I use it to trace patterns on cloth. I like it better than chalk. It makes a clear mark that “sticks,” but will wash right out when you’re done.” — I.W. in Kansas

• Use an old vegetable peeler in the shop to sharpen pencils.

• “ Diaper rash hurts. The best medicine, in my opinion, is a little diaperfree time for baby. But there are times when it’s just not practical to let the little one go about pants-free. When you can’t air dry an angry baby bottom, help dry the skin with a couple minutes of warm air from a hair dryer.” — P.M.

• Wrap the metal collar of your paintbrush with masking tape before painting. Then you can peel it off and there’s no stuck-on paint.

• Store plastic wrap in the refrigerator, or even the freezer, to keep it from sticking to itself.

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