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Now here’s a tip

• “ This tip is good for an inexpensive watch or a piece of jewelry that tends to rust or discolor on the skinfacing side. Clean it well and “paint” the side facing your skin with clear nail polish.” — M.T. in Alabama

• “Here is a fun idea for a baby shower, especially if you have a small group: Have a supply of baby onesies, fabric paint and fabric markers, and have guests personalize a onesie for the baby. They are so easy to create and so necessary for Mom and Dad.” — T.B. in Florida

• If you want to make a message station for dryerase notes, try this cheap and fun DIY trick: Grab a picture frame with a glass insert. Use a photo, pretty piece of patterned paper or a piece of your child’s artwork covered by a sheet of tracing paper in the frame. Hang on the wall. You can write on the glass with a dry-erase marker and erase as needed.

• Shower caps are an outstanding substitute for plastic wrap when covering a large plate or bowl. They are easily cleaned, super easy to use and can be found cheap at your local dollar store!

• “Do you have a toddler or preschooler who likes to lock him- or herself in the bathroom? This happened to us, and we found a great solution. We slipped a small section of pool noodle slit down the side over the door, high enough to be out of reach of little hands. The door simply won’t close (or slam!), but an adult can easily take it off if necessary. This has been a lifesaver, because we were about to take the doorknob off!” — A.P. in Nevada

• For a fun magnet board, paint inexpensive burner covers and mount on the wall. Since they’re metal, kitchen magnets will work easily.

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