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Now here’s a tip

• “If you use steel wool pads, you might make them last longer if you cut them in half. You get twice as much use from a box of pads, and it actually sharpens your scissors at the same time. I also split kitchen sponges in half or even thirds (I like to replace them often), along with those handy wipes that you can find for the kitchen AND paper towels. I get more use per box this way, and I don’t feel like I am overusing or wasting them.” – A.A. in Florida

• Never burn a candle in a room you’re not in. It’s just not safe. Extinguish all candles before leaving a room or going to sleep. There are an estimated 18,000 candle fires every year. Don’t be a statistic.

• “If you think you are being followed, have 911 ready to send on your cell phone just in case you’re attacked.” – K.P. in New York

• Are your eggs fresh? Hre’s an easy way to tell: Immerse the egg in question in a glass of cool, salt water. Floaters likely are not fresh; sinkers are good to go. Also, did you know that super-fresh eggs are not recommended if you’re looking to make hard-boiled eggs? They don’t peel well. Save yourself some aggravation and let the eggs sit a week or so before boiling, especially if you are making devilled eggs.

• Here’s a tip for removing antiperspirant stains that I haven’t heard yet – aspirin! O.R. from Missouri added this tip: “Take a couple of aspirin tablets, the non-coated kind, and crush them up. Mix with enough hot water to make a paste, and rub it right into the deodorant stain. Let it sit a couple of hours, then wash as usual.”

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