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Now here’s a tip


• When you make a meringue, be sure to spread it all the way to the crust on all sides. If you do, it will not shrink.

• Newspaper bags are handy hand covers in many situations. Keep them close if you are painting, doing a DIY art project, working in the shop with sticky or greasy materials, or baking and working with dough. If you’re interrupted, simply slip a bag over your hands to answer the phone or door, etc. It’s much quicker than washing and drying your hands, and you can go right back to it once you’ve dealt with the interruption. — W.A. in Oregon

• To clean burned-on bits from your cast-iron skillet, scrub with a plastic scrubbie and salt as an abrasive. Dry immediately and rub with oil to keep moist. — R.T. in Ohio

• Metal shower hooks can be used in the sewing basket to hold safety pins. They can be used in a jewelry box to corral costume rings as well.

• Line the edges of a plastic shower curtain on both sides with duct tape. Then snip out a few holes through the tape edging. You can use the holes to tie the plastic stretched out between trees for a windbreak or as a quick shelter from the rain. You can tie bagged sand to the corners and use as a car cover, or stake it to the ground under your blanket to avoid ground moisture. There are lots of possibilities. — F.C. in Georgia

• After your dishwasher has run its course, open up the door and let the dishes air dry. On cold days, there’s the added bonus of humidifying the house with the steam that escapes.

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Thank you Mitch Mc- Connell for not going to Selma. We can’t let blacks think they are as good as we are.


Thank goodness Governor Beshear cares enough about his fellow Kentuckians to set up a health insurance exchange. If the party of selfishness succeeds in destroying the coverage of millions of Americans none of them will be in our state.


It church lady is not the loving, caring, perfect mother that some people thought. It seems reality has set in showing her that the world really does not revolve around her, even though she has been taught that all her life. They are not the King, Queen and Princess of the world. Other people’s lives do also matter.


In response to all those who feel much like the person addressing his or her letter to Jesus, signing it Sincerely Broken: The answer to your questions is faith. ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ Hebrews 11:1 KJV. In other words, faith is not believing in what we see with the natural eye, but with the heart, trusting in Him whom we cannot see. As servants of the Lord, we must ‘walk by faith, not by sight.’ Sincerely, A Friend.

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