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Now here’s a tip

• A good non-slip bathmat is essential in the tub to prevent accidents. Grab an extra one to drape over the edge of the tub for help when entering and exiting.

• “To remove residue left over from price tags, use hairspray. Remove as much paper as possible, then give it a good squirt. Use a plastic scraper to lightly scrape off the adhesive.” — L.P. in Ohio

• Got bread ends? Store in a bag in the freezer until you need breadcrumbs for a recipe. Pulse frozen chunks in a chopper or blender for instantly useable crumbs.

• “Guacamole is a precious commodity at my house, but sometimes I want a snack, not a whole bowl. I have struggled with how to save the leftovers, because once it browns, it’s done. I learned a new trick, though. Simply put the leftovers in the smallest container possible and tamp down to press out all the air. Then carefully add a thin layer of water. Seal and refrigerate for up to three days. When you’re ready to dip, pour off the water and stir!” — C.D. in California

• “I have an old cedar chest from my grandmother that had lost its smell. My husband removed all the contents and sanded it with superfine grit sandpaper. It smells wonderful now.” — J.K. in Iowa

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