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Now here’s a tip

• Need a patch for old woodwork? Try mixing paint (whatever color you are using) and flour. Make a paste, fill in the holes and let dry. It’s hard like cement, and can be sanded into shape if necessary.

• When you get near the end of a roll of paper towels, save it to put in your car. Put together a kit with the following items: a small bottle of Windex or other cleaner, a squeeze bottle of water, some wet wipes and the short roll of paper towels. Now you’ll always be ready for a quick on-the-road cleanup.

• Use baking soda to scrub away stuck-on food on your grill. Sprinkle it on the metal brush, and scrub away. If your grate is beyond the power of fire and baking soda, remove it and lay it on the ground on some newspaper. Spray with oven cleaner and let sit (keep pets and kids away from it). Rinse with a garden hose and replace on the grill.

• “I have a plastic cup that changes color when the drink is hot. Oddly enough, it changes at the perfect temperature for my baby’s bath. So, I fill the tub and toss in the cup. When the cup starts to change back to its original color (blue), I know the bathwater is not too hot.” — P. in Idaho

• Sprinkle baby powder in dish gloves to help them slide on in an instant.

• “To remove muffins or rolls from a pan, set it on an old, damp towel for a minute. The steam must loosen the bottoms, because they just slide right out. I thank my mom for this tip.” — Janey R. via e-mail

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