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• “I installed a fulllength mirror on the back side my closet door. All around it I made a border of corkboard (the selfsticking sheets available at office-supply stores). I use the corkboard to hold all my frequently used jewelry. I put earrings right in the cork, and hang necklaces and bracelets from pushpins. I’m thinking of installing hooks for belts and scarves. This really saves me time when I’m getting dressed.” — A.E. in Tennessee

• When large pump bottles of lotion start to sputter, don’t get rid of them, refill them! Add the contents of smaller bottles to fill it up.

• “The handle of my photo mug cracked off. I love the picture, but I can’t reattach the handle because it’s too broken. My husband was able to remove the remnants of the handle and smooth it down. We sealed the broken parts, and I use it as an eyeglasses holder on my desk.” — J.J. in Florida

• Hang measuring cups in size order on the inside of your cabinet door. You will always know where to find the right-size measure, and it makes use of unused space. Just be sure you’re gentle when opening and closing the door.

• If you’re dealing with a stripped screw, try this neat trick: Place a wide rubber band over the screw head. Use the type that are found on a bunch of broccoli. The rubber will fill in the cracks, and give your screwdriver a lot more grip.

• “Store matches in a mason jar. Cut a piece of extra-fine sandpaper to fit the jar lid. Lay the sandpaper grit-side up in the lid so that you can use it to light the match. Decorate with cute ribbon if you like. Perfect for fireplaces!” — S.L. in Minnesota

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