Whitesburg KY

Now Heres a Tip



• To keep the ends of shoelaces from fraying, just dip the end in a bottle of clear nail polish. Hold it up until it gets tacky, then shape it into a cylinder. It looks like the real thing and wears well.

• “To make a door draft baffle for hard floors from a pool noodle, simply cut the pool noodle in half lengthwise and to the width of your door. Use fabric to cover both halves of the pool noodle with an inch or two in between to spare. Slip the covered noodles under the door so that one half rests on either side of the door. The door can open and close, but when you close it, the noodles block drafts from both sides!” — T.M.A. in New Hampshire

• Can’t remember where your spare keys are? Or how many loaners you have out there? It might be time to change the locks on your house. Experts say changing locks, installing a home security system, and using deadbolts and sliding glass door bars are the top ways to keep your home secure!

• “Whenever I am going to have company, I start planning a week or two before by doubling up on recipes that freeze well. Casseroles and soups, as well as bread (I like to bake bread) and vegetable dishes work great. I make extras and freeze them to make dinnertime a snap. That way, I get to spend more time visiting and less time cooking.” — F.L. in New York

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