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Now Heres a Tip



• If you’ve changed your prescription for eyeglasses, why not donate your old pair? Look for collection boxes from your local Lion’s Club, or search the organization’s website, lionsclub.org. It collects all prescription eyewear and redistributes the glasses to those in need.

• Make your own double boiler by resting an ovenproof glass bowl on top of a pot. Fill the pot 1/4 full with water and boil. Place the glass bowl on top of the boiling water and melt away!

• “To loosen the seal on a pickle jar (or other sealed jar with a metal lid) simply tap the edge of the lid with a butter-knife handle. Light taps are all you need. You also can gently tap the edge of the lid directly on the countertop.” — P.P. in Mississippi

• Want to make your own dryer softener sheets? Here’s an easy tip: Soak a washcloth in regular liquid softener. Wring out the excess softener and lay flat or hang to dry. This makes a reusable softener sheet. You can get 15 or so uses out of your cloth before it needs to be resoaked.

• “When adding flour to your stand mixer, try adding the flour in one batch and covering the top with a towel. Hold in place loosely while the mixer incorporates the flour. You will not get a big dust cloud!” — M.H. in Indiana

• Speaking of stand-mixer tips, here’s a good one: Use the dough hook on your stand mixer to shred chicken or pork from the slow cooker. Simply remove fat, add meat in hunks to bowl and mix. It’s so easy!

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