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Now Here’s a Tip!



• To make a deliciously flaky pie crust, use a normal cheese grater to grate butter in to the flour mix. The butter will stay cold, and it will come out tender and flaky.

• “I like to make a big presentation, so I use sliced fruit, nuts and fresh herbs for garnishes. I prepare them ahead of time and store them in the fridge to take dishes from stove to table quickly. I have found that if you use a little lemon juice on apple slices, they won’t discolor and you can cut them up ahead of time, too.” — T.C. in California

• Because fabric softeners can leave residue on the dryer’s lint trap, clean yours out at least every other month. Just scrub with plain old soap and water.

• Create your own nonslip hangers for your closet with your glue gun. Run a thin bead along the top sides of your hanger. Allow to dry thoroughly and you will be able to hang the flimsiest of tops on the hanger without them falling off. No glue gun? Try wrapping a pipe cleaner tightly around each side; this works well for tank tops!

• “Print out recipes and tape them to your kitchen cabinets, or hang from a door pull with a pants hanger. You could even stack a week’s worth of recipes on a clipboard and add a dedicated hook for them in your kitchen.” — T.Y. in North Carolina

• To save time making potatoes, try microwaving instead of boiling. Follow the manufacturer’s directions on your microwave.

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