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• “Save the plastic cups that yogurt or fruit comes in. You can reuse them for Jell-O cups. Cover with a piece of plastic wrap, and secure tightly with a rubber band.” — E.D. in Kansas

• Start seeds in the cups of an egg carton, the kind that are made from paper. You can get them going on a windowsill inside. When it’s time to plant in the ground, score the bottom of each cup and plant it — paper and all — in the dirt.

• “I found a decorative cardboard box that is big enough to hold a power strip. After installing it in the box so it looks pretty, I made holes out the side for different kinds of chargers (Apple, Android, etc.). The cord can be stored in the box or pulled out enough to charge a device. It looks nice on the side table instead of a mess of cords.” — W.L. in Alabama

• “Cheese can be grated, then frozen. The frozen cheese can be used in casserole dishes without even defrosting. I find it convenient to freeze my mozzarella in batches because we make a lot of individual pizzas. I can get a big block, grate it and freeze. It keeps for a long time.” — J.M. in Pennsylvania

• Lipstick and lip gloss ( including lip balms) shouldn’t be kept for more than a year. You can extend the life of your favorite lip wear by shaving a bit off and using a brush to apply it from the cut-off portion. If it touches your face, it can collect and breed bacteria. Be sure to replace mascaras every six months at minimum, and clean brushes regularly.

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