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• Picnic cooler 101: Frozen juice cartons make awesome slushies once they start thawing. You’ll also want to pack your cooler with water and lots of healthy snacks like cheese sticks, apples, sliced oranges and grapes. Remember that your kids will likely make friends at the beach or park, so bring extra.

• M.B. in Texas writes: “I have a fairly small bathroom, and storage was a problem. Here’s how I solved it: I bought a large over-the-door shoe hanger. Mine has 24 pouches to hold shampoo, body wash, combs, brushes, hairspray, hair clips, etc. I cleared off my sink and countertop! When the bathroom door is closed, all my essentials are at my fingertips.”

• Here’s how to give your cat a pill when all other efforts fail: “Place pill in a plastic baggie and crush with a hammer. I lace it into a hairball cat salve, spread thin and thoroughly onto cat’s paws, and they’ll always lick them clean.” — K.N in Illinois (A note from JoAnn: Make sure that it’s OK to crush the pill before using this dandy tip.)

• If you suffer from chapped, cracking dry hands, try this tip: At bedtime, apply a generous coating of petroleum jelly. If you have spots, apply only to spots and cover with bandages. If it’s all over, apply to your whole hand and slip on either a pair of cotton gloves or a pair of cotton socks if you don’t have gloves. Leave on overnight, or as long as you can stand it! Do this for at least a week. It should make a big difference.

• S.H. in Minnesota advises: “Put dryer sheets in waste baskets to smell good under the bag.” (I use a sprinkle of carpet deodorizer to do this very same thing. The ones made of baking soda both soak up bad smells and put off a lovely scent of their own. — JoAnn)

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