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Now Heres a Tip



• “A go-green and lose weight tip: Shut off your car and walk inside banks, restaurants, etc. You’ll burn less gas than sitting in the drive-thru, and the walk will flatten your figure.” — S.S. in South Carolina

• “Here is my tip: When closing a plastic bag, use a clip-type wooden clothespin with a metal springform. It holds much better than a ‘twist tie’ and takes less time and effort to use. Keep a bunch in a kitchen drawer with rubber bands and other handy things. They’re not expensive and can be used over and over again.” — S.L. in Illinois

• If you are sensitive to the smell of leftover coffee grounds, here’s a tip from E.O’B. in Delaware: “Line a 34.5-ounce coffee can with a plastic bag and dump the filter and grounds in it every day. Keep lid on. At week’s end, or trash day, tie up the bag and put in trash.” (Or the compost pile! — JoAnn)

• If you’re watching what you eat, try food logging for a week. You may be taking in more calories than you think. Write down everything you eat and drink — including tiny treats or spoonfuls you eat while cooking! — and use an online calorie counter or get a book from the library. You might surprise yourself.

• M.A in Oklahoma has a novel tank for her fish: a coffee pot! It’s economical — most thrift stores sell glass coffee pots for $1 or less — and easy to handle, too. She has two pots, and when it’s necessary to clean one, she pops the fish right into the other pot with no fuss. She can even transport her fish easily around her apartment.

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