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Mostly clear

Now here’s a tip

• “If your wicker seats are sagging, try washing them with a mild soap and water solution, rinse well and let them dry in the sun. The drying process can tighten up wicker. If it’s cracked, frayed or breaking, you might need to replace it, though.” – R.T. in Georgia

• “I never let the water run when I do dishes: I do them the old-fashioned way, in a sink with hot water and soap. One thing I do to keep the water cleaner is to add one teaspoon of bleach to the sink rinse water. It kills germs. I always use gloves, of course. I save water by washing my dishes this way, and that makes me happy.” – R.W. in Michigan

• “When a bath towel or washcloth gets old and raggedy, I cut it into smaller pieces. I keep them in a bag under the sink in the kitchen. They are great for cleaning and for small kitchen tasks, like drying vegetables or meats, wiping up spills and such. I also keep a ‘dirty’ bag under the counter, which I take out to the laundry every day. I used to use a roll of paper towels a day, it seemed, with the various uses for them, but now I hardly ever use paper towels!” – G.G. in California

• Use plastic foam trays from the grocery store to prevent drafts! Remove outlet covers and cut a foam tray to fit. Then, reattach outlet covers with new foam lining.

• Three ways to save money on water-heater bills: 1) Set your temperature gauge to a lower setting; 2) Install a timer so that it’s not heating water when you aren’t there to use it; 3) Add an insulating cover to keep heat from escaping.

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