Whitesburg KY

Now here’s a tip

• “If you make your own whipped cream, try using honey instead of sugar. I find that it has a sweeter flavor and it also stays firm longer than regular sugar. I especially like it on tarts.” – C.A. in Louisiana

• Here are two uses for dental floss in the kitchen: 1) Use it to truss a turkey or chicken; it’s strong and doesn’t burn – just remember to use non-waxed and non-flavored. 2) You can also use it to slice delicate desserts, like cheesecakes, or even brownies. It leaves a nice, straight line with no dragged bits.

• If you are concerned about wearing out your sheets evenly, try this old trick: Attach a safety pin to side of the sheet that’s at the foot of the bed. Before you remove the sheet for washing, switch the pin to the opposite side of the sheet (the head of the bed). Launder as normal, then when you make the bed, arrange it so that the pin is at the foot of the bed, as it was before the switch.” – I.L. in New York

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