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Now Here’s a Tip



• Trying to open a stuck jar? Tap the sides of the lid on the counter or floor on all sides, and the jar will magically open. Try it!

• “Every year, we host a Christmas party. To make the house more accessible, and to make guests more comfortable, we put little tags on the door to the bathroom and whichever room we are using to hold coats, etc. I close all the other doors, so when a guest walks down the hall, they can easily figure out what door leads where. No more confused people looking for the restroom.” — Arianna B. in Michigan

• Invest in a meat thermometer this gift-giving season. Food safety is important, but really, why guess when the technology is so easy and accurate?

• “Since we start cooking Christmas dinner almost as soon as we get up on Christmas morning, I noticed that the kids seemed to be breakfasting on cookies exclusively. Last year, while we were waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve, I put out boxes of cereal, bowls, spoons and a pitcher for milk. I also bought a fruit tray, which I just put out in the morning. The kids ate a proper breakfast, and I still had the kitchen to myself to start preparations. It worked great!” — Sharon L. in Florida

• To keep beverages icecold for your party, just save a 2-liter soda bottle or a rinsed half-gallons milk jug. Fill most of the way with water and freeze. At party time, nestle sodas, beers or water bottles around these mega ice blocks to chill drinks.

• For fun-and-colorful cloth napkins, try using bandanas. They add a bright and fancy touch to your table setting.

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