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• “Most of my large family stays at our house on Christmas Eve. Although everyone knows where everything is located in the kitchen, it has been our custom to centralize snacks, disposable cups and silverware, canned drinks and other frequently needed items in one cabinet, so no one has to go searching. We also designate a low shelf in the refrigerator for pre-bagged kids’ snacks and juice boxes. This way the children can get a drink or snack without help. The kids love it, as it makes them feel all grown up.” — R. B. in Pennsylvania

• Here’s how to keep grease from building up on your range hood. First wash and dry the hood very well. Then apply a thin layer of car wax. Follow wax directions and buff off with a clean, dry towel. It will keep grease from adhering, plus leaves a great shine behind.

• “Make a holiday timecapsule full of family memories. Fill a small jar with notes and tiny mementos, then tuck it at the bottom of your holiday decorations when you box them up. Open it next season when the decorations back come out.” — F.L. in Indiana

• “I have an ingenious fix if you forget your reading glasses. Take out your smartphone and use the camera viewer as a magnifying glass. Just zoom in until the words are legible. My mom does this when she’s looking at ingredients on boxes at the grocery store.” — W.S. in Oregon

• To keep precious fresh herbs usable longer, add a good quality oil to an ice cube tray. Add herbs and freeze. When solid, pop out the cubes and transfer to a plastic baggie.

• Kitty cat or puppy dog up all night wanting to play? Schedule a play session of at least 30 minutes in the evening. It will tucker them out so you can both get some sleep.

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