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• It’s worth doing: As you are finishing up your year and gathering all your necessary tax information, take the time to refigure (or figure out!) your general household budget, and decide how you will live within your means. A little bit of planning can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

• “Fix a sticky drawer with car wax. Just rub a bit on the tracks, and it will lubricate the drawers to help them glide smoothly.” — J.J. in Florida

• Turn your favorite basket into a lampshade! Cut a hole in the bottom and thread on a light kit. You can purchase these kits in home-improvement stores. Use a low-wattage bulb for fun mood lighting through a wicker basket.

• “If your shower curtain just blows around in your shower, try weighting the bottom. We used the netting of a bath scrubby to hold pennies, which we secured along the bottom of the shower curtain. It makes the shower curtain hang nicely, and it stays inside the shower lip.” — R.F. in South Carolina

• Want to use less paper this year? Do these three things to change your life: 1. Drop unwanted junk mail at the recycling bin before it even makes it inside the house; 2. Switch over to electronic statements and billing, sent to a dedicated email address so they are easy to find; 3. Get and use a scanner for papers that contain information you want to save, but for which you do not need original copies.

• January is the best month to purchase clothing, carpeting, furniture (but not mattresses) and linens. It’s almost time to stock up on towels and sheet sets!

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