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• If you’re redecorating, take this tip into consideration: To make a space feel more modern, mix metal accents — for instance, brass hardware with stainless steel appliances! To make a room feel bigger, us a contrasting color on the trim wood to draw the eye up and down. Mirrors multiply light in any room, and open shelving is the ticket in a narrow space, rather than closed cabinets.

• “If you have little kids and are ordering pizza, ask them to double cut the slices. Kids like to have many slices, and it doesn’t really matter how big they are. This way, there’s less waste.” — T.Y. in New Hampshire

• Keep squirrels away from a bird feeder by greasing the pole with car wax. Hanging by a rope? Not a problem. Thread the rope through a length of PVC pipe and wax that. Problem solved.

• Hair looking faded and dull? Try brewing a cup of chamomile tea! Let it cool and use it to rinse your hair post-shampoo. Don’t rinse out.

• “I buy a nice, but plain smelling lotion from the discount store because the price is great and it leaves my skin feeling soft. I dress it up with a few drops of perfume and essential oils. This saves me a ton of money, and I get it exactly how I like it!” — F.E. in Kentucky

• Keep a small microfiber cloth in the car. It’s super handy for wiping your eyeglasses off or the inside of your windshield if it gets foggy.

• “Ice-cube trays come in many colors and can be used to tame your junk drawers. Just think, a dozen tiny compartments to sort any items you need.” — W.A. in Mississippi

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