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Now Here’s a Tip



• Freeze cool whip in a thick layer and use cookie cutters to make shapes for hot chocolate … perfect for these cold winter nights!

• “Use squeeze bottles to do cookie decorating or cake piping. They also can be used to color pancake batter and make designs. It’s so much fun for the kiddos (and the parents too!)” — L.I. in Montana

• Fog proof that bathroom mirror by simply cleaning as usual, then coating the mirror with car wax. Use a lint-free cloth to buff it off, revealing a layer of steam-proof protection that lasts about a month. So good when you need a mirror to get ready in the morning.

• When transporting any type of bottle or jar that could leak, simply place a small piece of plastic wrap over the open end, then close the bottle tightly. This will work for most screw-top containers to make them leak-proof. Snap-down lids should be secured with strong tape or placed into a larger sealable bag, like a zipper-seal plastic baggie.

• “I toss my daughter’s hoodie sweatshirt into the dryer about 20 minutes before she needs to leave for the bus stop in the morning. Just as she’s leaving, I grab it and she puts it on. It keeps her toasty all the way to the stop, and it make her feel special.” — M.R. in South Carolina

• Before you go out shopping, take a minute on your phone while on the WIFI at home to search your email and websites for sales and coupons. Screenshot coupons so that the barcodes are clearly visible. This will save you downloading time while you are out and about, as well as serving as a reminder of the sale items you want to look at.

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