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Now here’s a tip

+ “Here’s a simple tip both for saving money and helping out the environment: We all know that plastic cups are easy to misplace at a picnic. Invariably, you set your glass down, only to come back to a table filled with similar glasses. You can never tell which is yours. Take a permanent marker and put it by the cups. Then ask everyone to write his or her name on the cup before filling. There’s no mistaking that!” – A Reader, via e-mail

+ Every home should have a fire extinguisher, and I hope yours does. But do you know how old it is, or when it was last serviced? If not, replace it today. Date the outside of the extinguisher with a permanent pen, and have it serviced yearly. They last, on average, 10-12 years.

+ “You can use white vinegar to polish your patent-leather shoes. Just dampen a cloth with straight vinegar, shine and wipe with a dry cloth. They look great, and it really restores that shine!” – D.L. in Tennessee

+ “To freshen stuffed animals, wipe any dirty spots clean with a dampened towel, then put several together inside a pillowcase. Tie the case shut and add the pillowcase and a fabric softener sheet to the dryer. Fluff for 10 minutes on low heat, then remove. They look and smell great!” – L.E. in Ohio

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