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Now Heres a Tip



• “Where do I keep my makeup wipes? On my nightstand, or better yet on my bed so that I don’t come home and not take off my makeup.” — Y.E. in Florida

• “When making cookies that are dropped by the spoonful, dip your spoon in milk first, then scoop. The dough drops perfectly, and the milk does not affect the finished cookie at all.” — F.D. in Pennsylvania

• “If you’re having trouble opening a jar, try slipping on a pair of latex dishwashing gloves for extra traction. Also try banging a little around the edge of the metal lid to disturb the vacuum seal. This has worked for me many times. Just be careful not to bang it so hard that you break the glass jar!” — A.L. in Texas

• “Place a section of newspaper in the bottom of your fridge to catch spills and to absorb odors. Line your vegetable crisper drawer with a paper towel, especially if you keep your potatoes in the refrigerator. Finally, do not store your milk on the door, because items there are subject to increased temperature fluctuation, every time you open the door to decide what to snack on!” — M.R. in North Carolina

• “If you want to ripen avocados fast, put them in a brown bag and add a slice of lemon.” — Pat in New York

• No need to purchase pricey seed-starting kits, use a toilet paper roll instead! Just cut the roll in half, set upright in a tray, fill with dirt and seeds, water, and away you go. When you start a tray inside, you should be ready for planting after the danger of frost is over.

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