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• “ To make sure I’m drinking water throughout the day, I use a permanent marker to designate levels on my large reusable water cup. I labeled them 10 a.m., noon, 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. That’s for a big one that sits on my desk at work. I have another for at home. This way I am not trying to play catch up later in the day.” — A.L. in Oklahoma

• Three ways to save money on water-heater bills: 1) Set your temperature gauge to a lower setting. 2) Install a timer so that it’s not heating water when you aren’t there to use it. 3) Add an insulating cover to keep heat from escaping.

• Game changer: “When dunking a sandwich cookie (e.g. Oreos), jab a fork into the filling. Then you can dunk the whole thing or part of it without getting your fingers all milky — or your milk all ‘fingery.’” — A.J. in Florida

• When you microwave leftovers on a flat plate, be sure to spread them out for even heating. The classic ring of food is best — leaving the center of the plate empty. Slice already-cooked potatoes, and cover with a moistened paper towel.

• Need to light a pillar candle inside a hurricane glass? Use a stick of spaghetti! The pasta stick lights easily, and it’s long enough to give you the reach you need. It burns evenly, too.

• “If you like to save money by buying large packs of meat — say, ground beef or chicken tenderloins — here’s a great tip for storing them: Fill quart-size freezer bags, making sure to get out as much air as possible. Then stack flat on top of a pizza box in the freezer.” — T.L. in Missouri

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