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• “If you make your own whipped cream, try using honey instead of sugar. I find that it has a sweeter flavor, and it also stays firm longer than regular sugar. I especially like it on tarts.” — C.A. in Louisiana

• Here’s a nifty trick to store lots of sunglasses using two thumbtacks and a length of ribbon. Keep your ribbon no longer than 10 inches, and tack it up to the wall in a taut horizontal line. Then slip one arm of the sunglasses behind the ribbon. Instant display and easy access.

• Keep charger cords from fraying by slipping on a spring from an ink pen. You also can cut a straw in half and make a slit down the side. Then slip the straw over your charging cord.

• Dried-out markers are the worst, but they don’t have to be. Refresh your dried-out washable markers with a little marker therapy — something that your kids can do! Dip a dried marker into a very small amount of water — just enough that it takes up the water rather than coloring it. Then wrap the tip with a small piece of plastic wrap, and recap. Let set for an hour or so, then repeat until refreshed. You can do the same with permanent markers using alcohol rather than water.

• “I love bumper stickers, but hate the look of an old, faded, peeling tableau on the back of my ride. When I get a bumper sticker I like, I apply it to a sheet magnet found at craft stores. Then I cut out and slap it on. In fact, I can change my look whenever I like, and I store them on the inside of my garage door!” — E. K. in New Hampshire

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