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• “Plastic grocery bags are handy for so many uses, but keeping them organized was always a pain, until I discovered that I could use an empty tissue box to store them. I just ball up each bag individually (so there is no air trapped) and stuff it in the tissue box. You can store even more bags by using an empty 12-pack box from soda. I keep one of these in my shop.” — F.C. in Pennsylvania

• Got spotty cellphone service in your favorite stores, but have a coupon in your email? Bring it up at home, and screen shot the bar code and details. That way it will be in your stored photos, and you won’t have to wait for it to load in the checkout line.

• Tech tip: “Invest in a DVR — a digital video recorder. Our kids record something the night before, and they can only press play in the morning once they’re ready for school — dressed with shoes, books and bag at the ready. It gives them an incentive to hustle.” — B.R. in Washington

• To get the most juice from a lemon (or lime), microwave for 10-15 seconds, then roll on the counter to break up the pulp. Only then should you slice them and use your hand juicer.

• “My son has two laundry baskets, one white and one black. The black one is for dirty clothes, which is pretty obvious. The white one is for clothes that are clean. He wears clothes from the clean basket without ever folding, hanging or putting them in a drawer. I have learned to be OK with this, as long as they are kept separate and he looks and smells nice when he leaves the house. My mom always said I have to pick my battles!” — T.F. in Connecticut

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