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• Can’t finish your income tax return on time? Get IRS Form 4868 to file for a six-month extension. By filing for an extension and making an estimated payment (if that applies to you), you’ll save yourself the hassle of penalties and interest on balances owed. If you are having trouble coming up with the payment, try applying for an installment payment plan. Get IRS Form 9465.

• Yes, you can add tea to your baked goods for a refined and interesting flavor. Try infusing melted butter with tea leaves and strain, or add fine tea directly to cookie recipes, particularly shortbread recipes. It looks and tastes wonderful, and what a complement to a steamy cuppa.

• “Get grease stains off a concrete driveway with kitty litter. Pour several cups of plain litter over the stain, and wait a couple of hours for it to soak up all the oil. Sweep up and remove the litter, then finish with a degreaser and the hose.” — P.R. in Tennessee

• The fleck test for diner creamers: “If you see little flecks of white in your coffee, ask for a new cup and new creamer; it’s starting to turn.” — X.S. on the road

• If you have water stains on your car’s upholstery, use a can of carpet cleaner. It’s spray and wipe without rinsing.

• Here’s fun for kids. Secure slivers of bar soap in a small mesh bag (we use a cut piece of the bag onions come in). Tie it to the bath tap, and when you draw a bath, let the water run over the soap. It’s a bubble bath!

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