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Now Here’s a Tip



• Check your dishwasher for food particles, and run a cycle every week with a cup of white vinegar in the bottom. It will clear your lines of yucky mildew buildup and leave it smelling fresh.

• “If you get a small cut, try sprinkling it with black pepper (fine ground). It stops the bleeding right away and doesn’t hurt or sting at all. I did this when I accidentally nicked myself in the kitchen. It worked! I rinsed it off after a minute of two, and it still didn’t bleed.” — J.J. in Florida

• To get your white sneakers clean again, mix a paste of peroxide and baking soda, wet the canvas and rub the paste in with a toothbrush. Rinse and repeat scrubbing as needed. Allow to dry before wearing.

• Save plastic cups from fast-food or conveniencestore visits, because they make good containers when you are painting. Pour some paint in the cup to use when you are cutting in the edges. Many paint ladders have a spot that accommodates a cup, so it’s more secure.

• Have a little empty spray bottle from a travel-size body spray? They are perfect for small cleaning solutions. Add rubbing alcohol to use in cleaning off your glasses or cellphone touch surface. Add window cleaner and store with a half roll of paper towels in your vehicle for quick windshield cleanups.

• “Cheap moving supplies: paper plates. You can put them between your real plates and pans to prevent scratching, or use them as walls to separate items in a box. Store small hardware by folding the plate over and sealing the edges together (don’t forget to label it!). And then you can use it for pizza when you move in.” — R.D. in Missouri

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