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• Use a tie hanger to organize tank tops in your closet.

• “Use a brightly colored nail polish to make a mark or your initials on the bottom of play cars so that you can tell which ones are your child’s and which are not. Trust me when I say that this will save your child many arguments.” — W.L. in Montana

• If indigestion strikes while you are out, it’s mustard to the rescue. You usually can find a convenience store, deli or restaurant with a mustard packet. It helps to calm the heartburn well — you just eat it.

• “I had an old tablecloth that started getting tatty on the edges. It was a nice vinyl one with a flannel back. I ended up cutting it into two aprons for myself and my grandbaby. We love to do messy crafts together, and now we have matching aprons to keep our clothes clean.” — T.K. in Georgia

• Speaking of tablecloths, here’s a great picnic tip: If the wind is kicking up, send the kids out to find four smallish rocks or fill four sandwich baggies partway with dirt. Set one at each corner and wrap the tablecloth around it, securing with an elastic hair tie. When these weighted corners dangle off the edges of the table, it keeps the tablecloth in place in all but the stiffest of winds.

• “Birthday candles can be held in place with Lifesaver candies. They are the perfect size for your standard candles, and kids really like them. Also, for adults, they will catch any excess wax that drips. Especially if you have a lot of candles on your cake, like mine!” — U.D. in Tennessee

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