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• Moving tip: Put books into suitcases, which often have wheels and good handles, in order to transport them. Books placed in boxes can get unbalanced when they don’t fill the box efficiently. It makes them hard to carry and hard to stack, since you risk the corners crushing. But suitcases are easy to carry right to the shelf before unloading.

• Finding a bandage to cover a skinned knee or elbow is almost impossible. These can be a large or irregular area that doesn’t fit under even the most generous of bandages, and adhesive bandages just don’t stick well over a joint. Here’s a tip for that: Apply antibacterial ointment generously, then cover the knee or elbow with a regular gauze pad. Then add a “sleeve” cut from a pair of tights. It moves with the joint without bunching up the way an ACE bandage does, and it stays in place.

• “After the kids decorated cupcakes one day, I found that the counter and floor were covered with little spilled sprinkles. They were the ball kind, and they were hard to pick up. Rather than sweeping them up (which made them go flying), I used a lint roller, which worked perfectly.” — S.I. in New York

• “To save money on electricity, hang jeans and other heavy clothing to dry first. When it’s mostly dry, pop it in the dryer to fluff. Do the same with towels. The dryer softens it, but the sunlight dries it well, and I think it smells better too.” — U.F. in Ohio

• Some facts about cantaloupe, now in prime season: Choose fruit that is smooth and round, with a depressed, soft scar on the stem end. Look for netting on the skin that is even and yellow, not green. One cantaloupe will get you about 50 melon balls or 4 cups of fruit when diced.

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