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• Road-trip organization: Put items you’ll need along the way into a laundry basket or two, which can be easily accessed during your trip. There’s no need to undo the Tetris-like organization job of the other items, because everything you need to have at hand is in the basket.

• “I love to work in the yard, and I always wash my hands before coming in. I put a bar of soap inside a piece of mesh from a potato sack and tie it with a string; then I tie the string to my water faucet outside. Now I can easily wash my hands with soap before coming in. The sack kind of works as a scrubber as well.” — F.A. in Texas

• “If you want a lighter foundation for summer and sun protection, try mixing a little foundation with a sunblock. It might take a bit of experimenting to find the right ratio for the coverage you want, but I find that the sunblock helps the foundation to glide on, and my face feels moisturized as well.” — T.L. in Georgia

• “I moved to a much smaller house and have very little storage, so now everything I keep must be necessary. I had several banker’s boxes of old papers that I had been storing for years. I still think there’s a chance I’d need to access the information in them, but I didn’t want to devote a lot storage space to boxes of documents. I bought a small scanner that you feed paper into, and I have used it to scan in all my papers. I’m down to a small box of keepsakes and originals that are important, and the rest is there digitally in case I ever need it.” — A.D.F in Florida

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